Our Story

Verde Natural Products was founded by a Colombian and a Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. Our idea was born from the passion we both share of consuming natural products because we like the positive effect they have on our well-being. We both were raised in families who loved traditional medicine and the benefits and healing powers of herbs. In April 2018, we had a great idea. We love tea, and so does most of the world. Quality tea tastes amazing and is incredibly beneficial to your health, then we decided to create this company with the goal of helping people lead a healthier lifestyle through products 100% natural.

We want to make the most of the good reputation and the great quality of the Sri Lanka tea plantations. At the beginning we just thought to start selling bitter melon tea. Bitter gourd is well known for its medicinal values which is very good for diabetes and cholesterol. however, as some people don’t like the bitterness, we wanted a tea that would offer all the benefits of the bitter melon but with a better taste. That was the moment we created Ceylon Green Tea with Bitter Melon and Ceylon Cinnamon, our main goal was to combine the properties of these three ingredients in a smooth and flavoured tea.

Ceylon Green Tea

Verde Natural Products offers 100% natural products imported from Sri Lanka. The company will initially start selling Ceylon Green Tea with Bitter Melon and Ceylon Cinnamon and other range of teas.  After being accepted into the market the company will introduce products like Face Wash, Toner, Face Moisturiser, Facial Pack, Body and Hand Creams, Supplements, Vitamins and Body Oils.

Verde Natural Product’s philosophy is based on the principle that nature provides us with everything we need to nurture our bodies and maintain good health.

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